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Customer satisfaction with 3CX Integrated Call Centre Solution

Customers expect a prompt response to their calls. Demand for enterprise pone system where in which call shouldn’t be transferred more than one time and just want call history to know who they are and what they said the last time they called. More sales, content customers, and higher reviews are the benefits of this.

complete call centre solution

A complete call centre solution is available from 3CX,including dynamic call queues, reporting, wallboards, and CRM connection.

  • * An easy to use drag and drop call flow builder tool which helps to create complex and sophisticated call flows.
  • * It's not just calls, though! Your call centre will be upgraded into a complete contact centre solution with 3CX's integration of live chat, Facebook, and SMS.

why should enterprise choose Call Center Solutions ?

The contact centre solution from 3CX lets agents finish tasks faster and save time! Give clients new methods to contact, including live website chat and SMS.Various reasons why should enterprise choose their Call Center Solutions

  • Streamline your call handling
  • Manage calls with numerous queues and IVRs effectively.
  • Make voice applications that automate monotonous jobs.
  • Interactive voice response choices with a customizable menu. Inform callers of your position in the queue.
  • Call-back choice Avoid leaving clients waiting when business is brisk.

Give customers more ways to get in touch


To connect with website visitors right away, add live chat to your website. Free calls are also available to website visitors. Phone numbers need not be manually dialed or copy/pasted. Link your Facebook page to 3CX for quick query responses.Utilizing the same interface, send and receive business text messages using 3CX. Work together internally and assign chats to different agents for faster resolution.

  • For small to medium sized organizations, the 3CX Call Center module offers professional call centre functionality at a reasonable cost.
  • Enhance your enterprise support system with customer support agents performance, real time queue and agent statistics.

Why 3CX phone system is the best call center solution ?

Track all calls

The number of calls in a queue, the number of answered and unanswered calls, the average and longest wait times, and other information are all available to supervisors/managers.

Call back feature

Utilize the Call Back feature to raise customer satisfaction. After a configurable amount of time, customers can choose to hang up while keeping their phone in line.

  • Supervisors can listen in on calls by using the Listen function. While on the call and without the consumer hearing, the supervisor can communicate directly to an agent using the Whisper function
  • The Barge feature enables the supervisor to answer the call and provide additional assistance to the customer.
  • Wrap-up time gives your personnel a configurable amount of time to finish any administrative responsibilities or other follow-up work. When callers must wait longer than a set period of time, supervisors and managers can be alerted using the SLA alerts tool.
  • The 3CX Phone System Call Center module is an upgrade that requires a licence key only.
  • To enable the call centre functionality right away, just buy the upgrade and reactivate your 3CX phone system.
Obtain cutting-edge call centre features
  • Several queueing methods, including round-robin and skill-based routing. Instantly see a colleague's status in a distant office.
  • With tools like Listen in, Whisper in, and Barge in, train a personnel during a live call.
  • Agents can manually log in and out using queue managers. For training and monitoring purposes, record calls.
Obtain details using call and chat reporting

To guarantee that goals are met, uphold SLAs and obtain scheduled reporting. With call/chat answering statistics and login history, you may monitor agent performance.

Queues can be monitored in real time using the Switchboard. Simple statistics that are shown on the wallboard can encourage agents. From the management console, create new reports in a matter of seconds.


Queue Statistics

Keep track of the state of the queues, the agents who are logged in and out of them, and more.

call features

Call Features

Whisper, Barge In, and Listen.



Complete control over queue operations, including establishing wrap-up times.

3CX increases productivity reduces business travel time and costs, streamlines operations and improves customer service